RST-283 & RSH-12 Ball Head

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RST-283 & RSH-12 Ball Head

Price: 114.00
Special price if you buy the RST-283 Tripod and the RSH-12 Ball head together.

The RST-283 is the next generation Redsnapper tripod. It takes the original highly popular RS-283 and improves upon an already superb tripod.
All movements have been attended to and are now much slicker, the locks are more compact and easier to use and the finish is among the best on the market.

This is a 3 section professional aluminium tripod that is both robust and lightweight - It is an ideal 'all rounder' that due to it's 28mm diameter tubing and all metal construction is an extremely stable support that is suitable for most equipment set ups.

The center pole is reversable allowing your camera to be positioned close to the ground OR you can change to the optional short center column that is included to get you 'low down' but the right way up!
It also has a sprung loaded hook to hang a weight from to give more stability to the tripod.

The tripod comes with a quality hard wearing case & strap.

This latest generation of Redsnapper tripods have been completely revised with new features and materials in order to offer lighter, faster and more stable supports.

The Anti Leg Rotation system is used on all aluminium models. Thanks to this and the more compact 'twist and grip' locks these tripods are incredibly quick to operate and the height can be easily and precisely adjusted. One grip and turn locks or unlocks each section.

The rubber foot has the advantage of converting to a metal spike for secure footing by simply screwing it up its fixing.

RSH-12 Monoball ball head from Redsnapper.

These precision built compact ball heads offer class leading design manufactured to the highest specification in the best materials available.

Using the same materials that are used in the aviation industry these products are both durable and hardwearing. They are made to such close tolerances that they operate faultlessly with a silky smoothness that is the envy of other ball heads.

The ball head features a 46mm aspherical ball that is precisely machined to give flawless movement that also applies more friction as the head tilts. So as the ball tightens it gives a cushioning movement to help prevent cameras or lenses from getting damaged. Only the highest quality heads have this feature.

You have fast aiming and framing control just by releasing and locking a single knob. Two other knobs control the 360-degree panning base and the amount of ball friction. The RSH-12 features our new quick-release platforms that accept Arca style plates and mounts.
For spare QR plates please go to the HEADS section.

To see how the RST-283 & RSH-12 look when shooting low down - Click Here